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Contoh Catatan Hasil Review artikel kita saat Nulis di Jurnal Internasional (Terindeks Scopus, walau tanpa Q)

Dear Authors,
We have decided on your submission to the Journal of xxxxxxxxxxxx Our decision is: Our decision is: Revision Required .The detail of the comment is as follow. Please follow the editor and reviewer comment or the manuscript will be REJECTED.

Comment of Editor:
  • >> The Title must fully describe the paper’s content in short.
The Abstracts must contain at least 150 words up to 250 words, consist of 2-3 sentences as brief intro about the paper, 2-3 sentences to describe how the problem is solved, and 2-4 sentences showing the results of experiments/simulation, ended with 1-2 sentences as short main conclusions of the work.
The Introduction section must explain the background of the problem and the urgency of the study, which can be proved by providing some previous researches and works, and also how to solve the problem in brief. Also, the
contribution and the importance of the research must be stated clearly.
The Method contains an explanation of the research method and the proposed method. This section can include research diagrams, system block diagrams, wiring diagrams, flowcharts and etc.
The Results and Discussion section should provide a comparison to a similar method from previous works and researches.
The minimal References are 30 from an English Journal and using IEEE Style.
>> The Figure, Table, and Equation are some of the most beneficial parts that will be seen first when reading a paper, hence it needs to be made easy to read and as best as possible.

The Image/Figure. It must be in PNG or JPG/JPEG format with 600-1200 dpi. Please don't crop, or use snipping and print-screens tools. Otherwise, the image resolution will be compromised.
The Table. Please use the Insert Table feature.

The Equation. Use the Insert Equation or Ms. Equation. We suggest using 3 columns transparent table to help, and then to make the equation in the middle of the column and the number of the equation on the right-side column.
All the Figures, Tables, and Equations must be given by information, explanation, and analysis, not only included without description.
All the Figures and Tables must cite in the paragraph.
>> Please use Grammarly to check your manuscript. The free Grammarly is enough for fixing some typos and grammar mistakes. Proofreading is recommended to increase the quality of the English language and writing.
>> The author must follow the template journal and the similarity must be under 20% or the manuscript will be REJECTED.
  • >> The minimal pages is 6. The author will need to revise the manuscript if the pages are below 6.

Comment of Reviewer 1:
>> ============================================================

1. Please follow the journal template.
2. State the research contribution at the end of the introduction.
3. Please use the IEEE style in references. The format is not correct.
4. The references must be 30 from journal that publish 5 year ago from IEEE,
Science Direct or Scopus index Journal.


Comment of Reviewer 2:

Title is too simple, too general, make the specific title. The Abstracts must contain at least 150 words up to 250 words In the Introduction part, the new features of the proposed method and the main advantages of the results over others should be clearly described. the method section should be explained in terms of the method for
determining liquid density, the relationship between liquid density and temperature the paper contains any original contribution to the field. it has any contribution to knowledge The description of manuscript is very important for potential reader and other researchers. I encourage the authors to have their manuscript proof-edited by a native English speaker to enhance the level of paper presentation. The proposed method and experiments are not clearly illustrated. There are no citations for many sentences in this manuscript. Why? Please check. Overall, the authors have made a good attempt. However, the authors' proposed method does not adequately describe their data. The results are not supported by any mathematical equations. Readers will fail to understand the scientific contribution of this research. The conclusions in this manuscript are primitive. Write your conclusions


Please, revise your manuscript based on the editor and reviewer's suggestions, input, and comments. Then, send your revision manuscript using our system journal. Don't make a new submission, please use the previous

Thank you,

Best Regards,
xxx Editor.

Jumat, 23 April 2021


Alhamdulillah kini telah hadir untuk anda terjemah kitab hadis lengkap, disertai fitur untuk pencarian teks atau nomor hadis.

Berikut ini judul kitab yang sudah diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

1. Shahih Bukhari http://carihadis.com/Shahih_Bukhari/1

2. Shahih Muslim http://carihadis.com/Shahih_Muslim/1

3. Sunan Abu Daud http://carihadis.com/Sunan_Abu_Daud/1

4. Sunan Tirmidzi http://carihadis.com/Sunan_Tirmidzi/1

5. Sunan Nasai http://carihadis.com/Sunan_Nasai/1

6. Sunan Ibnu Majah http://carihadis.com/Sunan_Ibnu_Majah/1

7. Muwatho Malik http://carihadis.com/Muwatho_Malik/1

8. Musnad Ahmad http://carihadis.com/Musnad_Ahmad/1

9. Musnad Darimi http://carihadis.com/Musnad_Darimi/1

10.  Musnad Syafii https://carihadis.com/Musnad_Syafii/1

11. Mustadrak Hakim https://carihadis.com/Mustadrak_Hakim/1

12. Shahih Ibnu Hibban https://carihadis.com/Shahih_Ibnu_Hibban/1

13. Shahih Ibnu Khuzaimah https://carihadis.com/Shahih_Ibnu_Khuzaimah/1

14. Sunan Daraquthni http://carihadis.com/Sunan_Daraquthni/1

15. Riyadhus Shalihin https://carihadis.com/Riyadhus_Shalihin/1

16. Bulughul Maram http://carihadis.com/Bulughul_Maram/1 

Kamis, 08 April 2021

Kata-kata pembuat tentram Hati, tentang do'a kita yang tidak terkabul

Ali bin Abi Thalib:  “Saya meminta sesuatu kepada Allah. Jika Allah mengabulkannya untuk saya maka saya gembira SEKALI saja. Namun, jika Allah tidak memberikannya kepada saya maka saya gembira SEPULUH kali lipat. Sebab, yang pertama itu pilihan saya. Sedangkan yang kedua itu pilihan Allah SWT.”

“Jika kamu berdoa tidak dikabul-kabulkan, itu pertanda Allah SWT rindu sama doa-doa kamu"

“Doa itu bukan hanya soal meminta. Doa itu juga ibadah. Jadi bila doa tidak dikabulkan tidak perlu kecewa, in sha Allah dengan berdoa kita telah mendapat pahala ibadah dari sisi Allah SWT.”

Selasa, 16 Maret 2021

1000 Alasan mengapa kita harus Sholat

 1. Perintah langsung dari Allah, tanpa perantara malaikat Jibril

2. Aslinya 50x dalam sehari berarti itu memang penting, walaupun ada rahmat dari Allah akhirnya 5x/hari sama nilainya dengan 50x/hari

3. Hidup manusia dan jin kecuali hanya untuk menyembah Allah

4. Beribadah sholat bukti ketundukan

5.Hidup ini hanya untuk dapat sujud kepada Allah

6. Orang yang tidak sholat berarti mati jiwanya karena kita harus terus berorbit 5x/hari minimal, semua yang ada dibumi ini berorbit "tasbih", matahari dan galaksi sekalipun terkecil atom+elektron

7. dst

Rabu, 24 Februari 2021

Buku Sekolah Elektronik Ebook SD~SMA Gratis

Silahkan DOWNLOAD Buku Sekolah Elektronik (BSE) dari KEMENDIKBUD untuk membantu pembelajaran daring (online) berikut 👇

📌 BSE KUR 2013 :
1. SMA Kelas XII : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsxii
2. SMA Kelas XI : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsxi
3. SMA Kelas X : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsx
4. SMP Kelas IX : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsix
5. SMP Kelas VIII : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsviii
6. SMP Kelas VII : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsvii
7. SD Kelas VI : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsvi
8. SD Kelas V : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsv
9. SD Kelas IV : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsiv
10. SD Kelas III : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsiii
11. SD Kelas II : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsii
12. SD Kelas I : https://bit.ly/bse2013-klsi